Welcome to a vibrant New Year 2017. Last year we received fantastic support from all our customers and partners. YITSOL has always been a customer centric technology company driving innovation and excellence by providing solutions that ease business critical process for our esteemed global customers.
Last year, we witnessed large number of companies from diverse verticals moving on to cloud services. As per the recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Review states that 85% of the global organizations are analyzing the plans to extensively use cloud tools in the next three years.
Cloud has been emerging rapidly in the past few years driving speed and business eligibility while fostering innovation for new business models. Recent cloud optimization techniques have been significantly influencing the business decision makers to think more about cloud implementations in critical business processes.
YITSOL- a technology consulting Services Company has delivered excellent customer experience in the year 2016. We always focused on driving technology & innovation into customer business processes to give them a competitive advantage and overall business growth. Our work included Oracle Applications, Mobility Solutions, as well as custom enterprise application development experiences that significantly transformed our client businesses.
In the new year, with new hopes we predict that more cloud adoptions and cloud optimizations evolve further to fulfill the needs of global businesses by giving better cloud governance.
Cloud computing innovations have been constantly rivaling the advent of internet and client-server in a big way and predicted it will vigorously grow in the year 2017. Though the private datacenters are expected to flourish, public cloud gains momentum that fulfills the needs of global organizations and becomes crucial technological initiative for their critical and production workloads.
YITSOL has always encouraged its clients to go digital and promoted cloud as an influential component that drives innovation in to their critical processes and delivers better organizational growth.
What do you have in your technology roadmap for 2017? Let’s start a conversation.Write to us.