8 Reasons Why Shopper Abandon Online Shopping Carts? How to overcome it?

8 Reasons Why Shopper Abandon Online Shopping Carts? How to overcome it?

1. Unexpected shipping cost

Problem: Online shopping statistics reveal that hidden charges are the primary reason for increased cart abandonment rate

Solution: State all fees right from the origin and Bundle the extra cost of shipping into the product and offer “free” shipping to the customer.

2. No clear CTA and No easy navigation

Problem: With no quick navigation and clear CTAs, the website looks confusing and poor, making the purchase challenging for the user.

Solution: Best shopping cart displays two essential elements, clear CTA button, and easy navigation. Keep simple website structure, and it’s layout accessible and straight. Primary buttons like ‘add to cart,’ ‘add to wishlist,’ ‘continue shopping,’ and ‘back to the previous category’ should be noticeable. Hence all these serve as right cart abandonment solutions

3. Forced new user account creation

Problem: Customers abandon cart checkout when forced to spend time and effort on creating a new user account, how to deal with abandonment?

Solution: Just offer guest checkout option

4. Lack of online customer support

Problem: In offline shopping, all the doubts of customers get answered, and they are assured on whom to reach in case of any product or service issue. Whereas in online shopping, visitors abandon the cart if there are no options to clarify their inquiries spontaneously.

Solution: Introduce live chats or a forum that lets customers post their doubts and the customer support instantly answers them. That gives confidence and satisfaction to the customers to move further.

5. Lack of product-related Trust

Problem: Reasons such as missing product images or Information make customers insecure to buy the products.

Solution: Provide customer testimonials, product reviews, endorsements and complete transparency related to the phone number, photographs of employer and employees to reduce abandonment rate.

6. Search for the coupon code

Problem: Customers who can’t locate a coupon code abandon retail shopping carts to find a better deal

Solution: Use cart abandonment software that can auto-apply coupons along with abandoned cart recovery features

7. Limited payment options

Problem: Customers abandon the shopping cart if they cannot find preferred payment options.

Solution: Include as many payment options as possible at cart checkout.

8. Tough return policies

Problem: Lengthy policy terms and additional shipping charges for product returns

Solution: Include free return within 15-days

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