Q. What are the latest technologies, you are using for the clients?

We are basicalyy a consultancy company and use most of the upcoming technology. Most if the businesses run on back-end engine. Earlier, there used to be a lot of cab companies in the transport sector. But now they are adopting technology, and the biggest cabcompany is Uber, which has no infrastructure means any car and it has only technology. We basically pinpoint the clients’ issues and needs. It is speed of technology. Technology is really a domain specific.

Q. What is Your USP?

We have started as individual company three years back. When we started it was experiece of 120 yeras of experience at top management level. We are product developers and also customer, so both side of coin. We pinpoint needs of clients and it’s premise on, license and the use of technology what we are experiencing in IOT and cloud technology and ease of available of technology. So technology is used for specific domain.

Q. What is your expansion plan for further growth?

Right now, we have 100 people. We have opened our office in USA. It’s not the case of opening American office being opened here. We want to 100-120 people also in office at USA without attrition. We are serving a lot of clients in USA and Europe, but now we want to expand in the Middle-East.

Q. What would impact of GST rollout in IT Industry?

GST is a good step for Indian economy. So system would revamp with opening up growth avenues. From economic perspective, it is single tax system and of transparency and likely to plug leakages. It will spur the Indian economy and IT sector.

Q. Recently there was a lot of hue and cry over H1-B visa issue and the market body warned that many people will face lay off and job loss. HWat is your take on this?

The countries like USA, Singapore, Australia are being protective and adopting protectionist approach, but gradually it will settle down. it is basically to educate ourselves or else, we will become redundant. So. skill gap to be bridged to move up the ladder and remain relevant in sectors. The job opportunities will grow in south-east Asian countries, which are struggling out to avail this of most.

Q. What would you say about your competitors?

Competition is a good thing. We can bring best of us by competing with each other. But it should be healthy to prosper and provide a level-playing field.

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