How Has Cloud Augmented Entrepreneurship?

How Has Cloud Augmented Entrepreneurship?

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that one should leverage things around you and make innovations using them. Innovation is something that can be done without re-inventing the wheel- with the help of technology. Of all the technology one can access to, Cloud computing comes of uttermost importance that every entrepreneur should cash into. It lowers the cost of ownership and gives the huge power of computing and other facilities without “really “owning it

The cloud offers a diverse range of varied application- from all-encompassive storage, email & database servers, to servers for gaming and mobile application. For example, if one wants to build a solution for a social problem using artificial intelligence, he/she can get started by incorporating a cloud platform that provides machine learning services, which could be configured as per one’s requirements. This enables him/her to solve the real challenge rather working on tech logistics.

Having successfully perforated the business landscape, right from SMEs to large corporations, cloud computing has presented huge opportunities for the 21st century entrepreneur. Innovators utilize cloud to improve their services for customers, through innovative methods or even churn out new paths for revenue to come in. Organizations provide value upon clouds to break moulds and work out new rules, in turn creating new demands amongst consumers and carving a niche out for. In fact, business via the cloud is said to have reached its crux by channelizing computing with cloud. Here are a few salient points that have fueled this inclusion:

Swift Development

The cloud has taken over more than 60 years to evolve, finding its origins in Dr. Licklider’s ARAPNET that is often considered as the predecessor to the internet.It began with the objective of providing users with remote access to virtually limitless amounts of storage. With time, we have unearthed cloud’s biggest potential that lies with in augmenting business. With time, several major corporations have already begun running their vast computer networks, from the humble setting of a cloud network.

Cloud computing has evolved from a concept of far-fetched proportions to a highly commercialized tool within a short span.Inculcation of cloud into business has already helped in the development, execution and delivery of business models. This allows enterprises to keep a tab of their products, services and employees over the Internet and collate information comprehensively. The rapid development of this platform has armed organizations with much needed advantage and sophistication in its functionalities.

Cloud is becoming one of biggest fuel to power entrepreneurship, and with time, entrepreneurs are leveraging it for organizational as well as market benefits

Widespread Integration

The major lead that the cloud has brought is of an equivocal integration with other devices at the behest of internet. This can also be contributed to the growth and evolution of various allied technologies such as telecommunications and security, which can be supplemented by the integration of cloud,creating an upsurge of demand. This seamless assimilation of multiple devices and services across numerous platforms under a common base has added to cloud computing’s appeal, with more users being convinced that investing in the cloud would upscale their business.

Organizations have greatly benefitted from the flexibility and ease, which has supplemented the development. Corporations across industries globally have already begun using cloud services owing to its contribution in reducing costs, expanding business avenues, and decreasing their overall carbon footprint, hence keeping an eco-conscious edge over competition.

Steady Growth

Industry sources state that cloud computing is headed towards a 5-fold increase in growth, when kept in comparison to traditional on-site IT services, proving to be a certain fact that cloud is the way to go. This widespread enterprise interest in cloud computing has lead to businesses new and old taking up the cause of eschewing widespread opportunities the cloud provides. Larger organizations are providing a boost to the image of cloud by rapidly integrating it across lengths and breadth of operations.

When ever large corporations adopt a new technology or new business model, it is only made possible as there are vast business opportunities that will allow them to adapt and cater to the increasingly complex digital and on-site market place. The ever expanding revenues of smaller enterprises have emboldened them with the capital to spend on tools that augment their operations. This has set the tone for smaller organizations to follow their steps in including cloud as a part of their daily mechanisms.


Cloud is becoming one of biggest fuel to power entrepreneurship, and with time, entrepreneurs are leveraging it for organizational as well as market benefits. There has never been a better time to transition to cloud, as it is all set to change the technology and methodology in which business is done.

Source: Silicon India Magazine

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