Start-up to help senior citizens with a unique product

Start-up to help senior citizens with a unique product

YITSOL develops a product that acts as a mobile medical wallet comprising diagnostic reports and treatment details of a person

The biggest challenge when attending to a lone unconscious patient is to know that person’s medical history to start the treatment. A city-based start-up, YITSOL, has developed a product, for senior citizens and patients of serious ailments, that acts as a mobile medical wallet consisting of reports, treatment and diagnostic reports. The soon-to-be-launched CAREMI (Critical Actionable Responsive Emergency Medical Info) helps a medical practitioner access the medical information of an individual with just an app.

“I got the idea due to my father’s condition,” said Amit Singh, co-founder, YITSOL.

“After my father’s heart operation, he has been taking blood thinners and other medicine. Whenever he is out alone, the family members are worried. The blood thinners do not allow the blood to clot easily. This made me concerned about what would happen to all those senior citizens who meet with an accident and the kind of treatment that will be given without any knowledge of their condition.”

Social initiative

According to Mr. Singh, his team took around two months to come out with the product which is more of a social initiative. With a price tag of around Rs. 70, an NFC tag that can be tied or attached to key-chains, bands, stickers or helmets of an individual is provided.

A unique number is allotted to the tag and all the medical information of the person who is wearing the tag is sourced and stored.

A medical practitioner can use the CAREMI app to scan the tag and get the unique number and also the complete medical history of the patient.

The insurance details will also be included. Keeping in mind the safety aspect, an SMS alert will also be sent to the user’s phone whenever someone tries to access the medical profile.

The product developers are already in talks with the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh government and want to introduce it on a mass scale.

source: The Hindu

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